Tube & Clamp Scaffold

Tube & Clamp Scaffold is easy to assemble and is adaptable to nearly all types of scaffold projects. Only four basic parts are needed for assembly, and quality steel construction helps components maintain durability.

Features and Benefits

Tube & Clamp Scaffold can dodge nearly any obstacle. Its versatility enables access to 99% of scaffold applications in congested or restricted areas. Used as a supplemental or independent scaffold structure, it can fit any shape, height or width.

  • Clamps are compatible with BrandSafway standard scaffold frames.
  • Only four basic parts are needed for assembly.
  • Clamps fasten to both 1.90-inch outer diameter (OD) and 1.69-inch OD tubing.
  • Steel tubing is durable, lightweight and high-strength.
  • Tubing and clamps are galvanized to reduce rust and corrosion for a longer product life.