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Paris-Orly Airport

Innovative ST 60 support scaffold system on the massive construction site of Orly Airport in Paris


Development of a shoring solution for a safe and economical erection and dismantling of the slab formwork.


No storage place, cramped conditions, enormous time pressure


No storage space on site, cramped conditions at the various operational sites and enormous
time pressure... These are the challenging conditions of the airport construction site. Due to a complicated logistical situation, the material is only dismantled and moved if it can be reassembled immediately afterwards.The advantage in doing so: For all frame sizes, only one stacking rack is required, on which the frames lie in a secured position ready for safe transport.

The advancing side protection and the patented board transfer solution ensure a high level of occupational safety even incramped conditions.

The ST 60 towers used in Orly are up to 21 m high and carry slab formwork made of aluminium and wooden formwork beams. Depending on the load application, the shoring towers are interconnected to form various high-performance load-bearing structures.

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