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Offenbach Harbour School

Innovative Platinum wall formwork creates high-quality exposed concrete surfaces


Developing a full formwork concept for exposed concrete


Realising high exposed concrete requirements and avoid cost-intensive reworking


For the construction of a new elementary school with day-care centre in Offenbach, the construction company Anton Schick GmbH + Co.KG from Bad Kissingeng relied on the innovative Platinum 100 wall formwork system to effortlessly achieve the required SB3 exposed concrete quality.

The former site of the Offenbach industrial harbour was developed on a total area of 256,000 m² into a new district with residential, office, university, school and retail areas. One of the projects was the construction of the harbour school. In the course of this construction project, almost 11,000 m² of usable space were created on a surface area of 7,000 m².   

The shell of the major project was completed on schedule. Schick used Hünnebeck's Platinum 100 wall formwork system to meet the tight schedule and the high demands on surface quality. The system formwork, which is tailored to economic efficiency and quality, was convincing from the outset: with its high formwork pressure absorption of 100 kN/m² throughout the entire system and with its innovative tie technology, which manages with up to 30 % fewer anchors and saves time and costs through one-sided operation.

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