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Rapid-EPS® Edge Protection System

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Rapid-EPS® Edge Protection System

Rapid-EPS® Edge Protection System

Engineered with safety, efficiency and longevity in mind, the Rapid-EPS Edge Protection System is highly configurable and installs quickly and easily to prevent falls, restrict access and protect assets.


Rapid Panels
Durable, lightweight and available in full and half-panel sizes.

Free-Standing Concrete Frame Solutions
User friendly systems require zero penetration into concrete slabs. Ideal for rooftop areas as well as demarcation. 

Staircase Solutions
Configurable solutions with telescopic stair rails and fail-safe fittings secure challenging areas, such as staircases and walkways.

Elevator Protection
Protects multiple core openings with a single key-activated locking gate.

Extended Height, Full Containment Edge Protection
Ideal for busy city centers. Protects workers and pedestrians from airborne materials, debris and more.


Rapid-EPS’s innovative design offers a lightweight yet secure edge protection system, which will not damage concrete and can be installed easily by one person — no tools or drilling required.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Configurable, secure, efficient and safe
  • Folds flat for storage and transportation
  • No skilled labor required
  • Can be installed by one person
  • OSHA 1926.502 compliant

International Availability

Rapid-EPS is available throughout the United States. 

We offer alternative edge protection solutions in Europe and Canada. For more information, visit these BrandSafway company websites:

Europe (Hünnebeck)


The product literature on this website is in accordance with US norms, rules and standards.

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