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Gulf Coast Chemical Facility

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Gulf Coast Chemical Facility – CUI Services

Required maintenance of prominent Gulf Coast chemical facility


Provide CUI services, which included stripping all of the existing insulation, abrasive blasting of all exposed surfaces, applying thermal spray aluminum (TSA) to all surfaces and re-insulating


Work simultaneously on two towers, each more than 250 feet tall, during a 28-day outage


The application of TSA required a custom-engineered scaffold design, and the construction of kick-outs to facilitate the safe staging of the bulky TSA equipment at staggered heights on the tower structure. BrandSafway also provided full encapsulation of the towers to prevent the escape of blast residue, which could affect other personnel working in the area and potentially damage adjacent equipment. The containment was also necessary because the work area required dehumidification to preserve the very demanding quality of surface preparation necessary for a successful TSA application.

BrandSafway completed this highly critical project on time, within budget, and with zero safety incidents. This was the first project of this kind at the owner’s site and, due to its success, BrandSafway was established as the contractor of choice on all future projects of this nature.

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