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Lignite-fired power station Boxberg

New construction of power station


New construction of a power plant


Developing a complex formwork solution


The Boxberg power plant has been feeding lignite-fired electricity into the grid since 1971. Since then, the power plant has been repeatedly upgraded and expanded with modern environmental technology. In 2006, earthworks began for the construction of a new, state-of-the-art lignite-fired power plant unit. Hünnebeck was commissioned with the formwork work, including concept development, logistics and site supervision for the nacelle, main switchgear and boiler house.

Competence on site
The new construction of the lignite-fired power plant in Boxberg is one of the particularly demanding references of recent years, both in terms of formwork and scaffolding. Sophisticated supporting structures from the MODEX modular scaffolding system have provided significant time and cost savings in the construction of the main beams as formwork scaffolds. Instead of a complete stiffening of the building with ID 15 frame props on all levels, the load was transferred via MODEX® towers erected at specific points. This made it possible to begin further work on the lower levels before the last floor was completed. Even where the construction of the main beam required a working level outside the building, this could be easily achieved with MODEX system components.

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