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New Pier J at Frankfurt Airport

Innovative formwork & shoring solutions ( ST 60, TOPEC, MANTO ) by Hünnebeck in the construction of New Pier J at Frankfurt airport


Using sophisticated formwork and execution concepts which allow for safe and economical shell construction


Construction during ongoing flight operations, fair faced concrete


After the completion of Pier H (also with Hünnebeck involvement) the expansion of Frankfurt Airport goes on with the next major construction site: New Pier J is created out of around 60,000 m3 in-situ concrete and more than 4,500 prefabricated parts.

The 600 m long above-ground structure with 27,800 m2 of floor space has four full storeys and two service storeys. Hünnebeck has delivered a solution with ST 60 shoring towers, the manually operated TOPEC modular slab formwork, the crane-dependent MANTO wall frame formwork and various special formwork to this project.

A sophisticated formwork and implementation concept, which makes optimal use of the available crane capacities, creates the preconditions for a safe and economical shell construction of the approximately 80,000 m2 wall area and 30,000 m2 slab area.

One third of the slab areas to be constructed are over 10 m high. In these high areas of cantilevered slabs ST 60 shoring towers were used as formwork support.

Thanks to the high load-bearing capacity of the ST 60 system (up to 240 kN load-bearing capacity per shoring tower/60 kN per leg), the construction site can manage with comparatively few towers at relatively large distances for slab support. This saves time, material and provides space for the Y-shaped prefabricated supports.

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