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New bridge over the Düte River

Tailor-made formwork solutions for the Düte bridge


Demolition of the old bridge over the Düte River and construction of a new one


Monolithicstructure of the four-lane bridge requires special approach: one half of the bridge is cut down, while traffic flows on the other half.


The replacement of the 301 m long A1 freeway bridge over the Düte River near Osnabrück is one of the most challenging current bridge construction projects in Germany. The starting point is the monolithicstructure of the four-lane bridge dating from 1968, which has to make room for a much wider new structure with six lanes. The single-piece bridge superstructure requires a special approach, which, expressed in simple terms, means cutting the bridge lengthwise down the center and removing one half of the bridge, while the remaining half, supported by ready-erected shoring, is currently used for traffic.

After around five months for demolition, the first phase of construction for the new bridge began in summer 2018. The new bridge is being built as a so-called composite steel structure. This means that a steel superstructure will be mounted on the new reinforced concrete supports and bearings once erected. On this the concrete bridge slab is then poured. The contractor is Porr GmbH & Co KGaA Infrastruktur Ingenieurbau. When it comes to the design of the formwork for this complex major construction project, the Porr team is relying on Hünnebeck’s formwork experts. They have developed and supplied the formwork solutions required for the construction of the bridge abutments, pier foundations, piers and crossbeams in close cooperation with the project managers.

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