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BrandSafway Energy & Industrial Division Reports Zero Recordables in May

BrandSafway Energy & Industrial Division Reports Zero Recordables in May

June 18, 2020
E&I Division team and customers work together to make it happen

KENNESAW, Ga., June 18, 2020 — With 15,000 employees working in 13 countries, the BrandSafway Energy & Industrial (E&I) Division reported zero recordables during the month of May 2020. “I would like to congratulate the E&I Division team for this achievement and for keeping safety our number one value every day,” said Dave Witsken, president of the E&I Division. “I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our E&I customers for partnering with us to provide a safe work environment for everyone on our thousands of jobsites.”

BrandSafway’s first and foremost value is safety, and the company has developed a behavioral-based safety program, built on five pillars: the Employee Intervention System, the Supervisor Observation System, Management Safety Reviews, the BrandSafway Learning Network, and the Gold-Link Audit System. “Our proactive, behavioral-based program is the foundation of our achievements in safety,” said Val Corcoran, vice president of Environmental Health and Safety for E&I. “We work together every day to continuously improve our safety performance and strive to set the highest standard in safety in our industry.”

BrandSafway is committed to developing, promoting and maintaining a culture where environmental health and safety are core values, practiced throughout all levels of the organization. Together with the company’s five pillars of safety, individual ownership, personal responsibility and the importance of following policies are crucial components of BrandSafway’s award-winning safety program.

About BrandSafway

With a commitment to safety as its foremost value, BrandSafway provides the broadest range of solutions with the greatest depth of expertise to the industrial, commercial and infrastructure markets. Through a network of 340 strategic locations across 30 countries and more than 38,000 employees, BrandSafway delivers a full range of forming, shoring, scaffolding, work access and industrial service solutions. BrandSafway supports maintenance and refurbishment projects as well as new construction and expansion plans with unmatched service from expert local labor and management. Today’s BrandSafway is At Work For You™ — leveraging innovation and economies of scale to increase safety and productivity, while remaining nimble and responsive. For more information about BrandSafway, visit www.brandsafway.com.


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