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Neckartalbrücke, Heilbronn

Hünnebeck special formwork: Pier production like on an assembly line


Development of all special formwork solutions for the construction of a bridge


Geometrically demanding pier construction


More than one hundred bridge piers in exposed concrete quality are needed for the new construction of the 1.3 km long and 16 m high bridge in the Neckar valley near Heilbronn (Germany). Ready-to-use Hünnebeck special formwork shapes the geometrically complex pier shafts and heads.

Hünnebeck has developed and manufactured special H 20 designs in its high-performance in-house special formwork construction department for the more than one hundred pier heads and shafts to be manufactured in exposed concrete quality. This was a technically-demanding task because, for example, the pier heads are chamfered at the top. During the construction of the two large abutments (height approx. 10 m, width approx. 44 m), the stable and adaptable ES 24 element formwork from Hünnebeck was used. The advantage of this adaptable and stable wooden beam formwork based on R 24 lattice beams is that it consists of pre-assembled elements (4 different widths and 3 heights) which can be optimally adapted to the desired ground plan layout through the object-related arrangement of the beams and anchor layers. As a special construction, Hünnebeck also contributed a formwork unit made of nail plate trusses, which was used to create the rounded cantilevering at the abutments. The Gass aluminium support system is used as a support structure to hold the pier head formwork and support the formwork for the shifting beams (Manto large frame formwork).

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