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New Pier H at Frankfurt Airport

Construction of a new apron tower using the new generation of wall formwork Manto G3


Formwork solution for a complex large construction site


Large construction site with ongoing flight operations, high wind loads, special solution (suspended support frames) for cantilevered tower pulpit


A crane-dependent climbing system (CS 240 L) and the new wall formwork generation MANTO G3 were used to form the almost 70 m high apron tower of the 400 m long Pier H at Frankfurt Airport.

The modular climbing scaffold served as a load-bearing system to support the wall formwork. At the same time, it was  used as a working and safety scaffold for all reinforcement, concrete and finishing work. The cantilevered tower pulpit was built with the aid of a working platform on ”suspended“ support frames.

The large construction site was characterized by a special construction procedure: The shell construction team built the pier and the tower (20 m x 8 m) in seven closely spaced substructures, which were later connected to each other. The first four floors of the tower were integrated into the pier. The remaining eleven floors were raised using Hünnebeck climbing formwork (CS 240 L). MANTO G3 also helped to ensure an efficient construction progress: The new MANTO generation which features single-sided tieing and an Ecoply full-plastic formwork skin, allowed it to realize the desired symmetrical form-tie and joint pattern without any additional effort.

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