Fireproofing Services

BrandSafway provides clients with more than 30 years of experience in delivering successful fireproofing projects.

Delivering unmatched results

Our fireproofing specialists have an average of three years of experience, and many are cross-trained in other related services such as scaffold, insulation, painting and refractory, allowing us to leverage their capabilities for broader project needs.

In addition to our skilled and certified team of specialists who provide services for on-site applications, BrandSafway has substantial shop and yard facilities for managing off-site applications.


BrandSafway’s team of proven technical specialists are experts in a variety of fireproofing applications, installation methods and services.

  • Epoxy systems
  • Form and pour
  • Pneumatic, spray and troweled applications
  • Dense concrete and lightweight cementitious fireproofing
  • Intumescent fireproofing
  • Hand packing
  • Corrosion under fireproofing management (CUF)