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Generali Sports Arena Vienna

Construction of Austria's first sustainable football stadium


High-quality formwork solutions for walls and ceiling


High-quality formwork solutions for walls and ceiling


By 2018, the Generali Arena will be expanded to a capacity of 17,500 spectators (national) and 15,000 (international), partially renovated and raised to the standard of a UEFA four-star arena. Whether it is a photovoltaic system on the roof, rainwater collection for lawn irrigation, a water treatment system, barrier-free access, reuse of demolition material and excavated material or maximum energy efficiency - the stadium concept considers the entire life cycle of the building under optimised ecological, economic and socio-cultural aspects.

The executing Viennese formwork company Anna König Betriebs- und Ausführungs GmbH relies on the products and services of Hünnebeck Austria. The company uses a total of 3,200 m² of Topec modular formwork for the slab areas to be constructed - a large proportion (approx. 44 percent) as purchase formwork and the rest as rental material. The formwork specialists from Hünnebeck Austria were responsible for the detailed planning for the construction of the slab surfaces, which are up to 50 cm thick. An ingenious combination of Topec large panels (180 cm x 180 cm) and 180 cm x 90 cm panels ensures optimum adaptation to the specific site conditions.

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