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BrandTech® Precision Layout

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BrandTech® Precision Layout

BrandTech® Precision Layout

The first and only laser layout system for refractory anchors. Reduce setup time up to 75%.



Simply locate two reference points and begin welding.

Say goodbye to inefficient chalk and string, tape measures and templates. Let laser technology do all the setup work in much less time and with improved accuracy.


Automated anchor layout process uses laser precision, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

  • Replace chalk and string to save as much as 75% in setup time
  • Increase accuracy with laser precision
  • Enhance productivity to save time and money
  • Save hours and shifts waiting to weld
  • Complete challenging welds with confidence
  • Mount to tripod/scaffold with clamp or magnet, or
  • Attach to BrandTech Precision Welding gun
  • Manufactured in the U.S.


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