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BrandTech® Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

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BrandTech® Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

BrandTech® PDU reduces equipment costs by up to 40%

The math is simple: reduce complexity and increase equipment cost savings. With the new BrandTech® Power Distribution Unit, equipment costs are reduced by as much as 40%.


  • The UL/CSA-listed PDU uses a single installation to manage up to 200 amps of input and distribute it to three outputs of 480 volts, 60 amps each.
  • A single PDU can be used with multiple machines in applications ranging from industrial painting to welding.
  • It is fully insulated and resistant to shock, impact and corrosion, and includes embedded lockout/tagout levers.
  • The breakers are mounted under a hinged window for easy access and improved safety.
  • Each machine plugs into a separate port with its own circuit breaker, making it easy to know which one to shut down in emergencies.

Improved Safety

“Other PDUs on the market use a single circuit breaker for each piece of equipment, meaning it can be difficult to know which one to shut down in an emergency. With the BrandTech PDU, you don’t have to guess because there’s only one unit managing the multiple machines connected to it.”  – Eduardo Almeida, director of Innovation, Research & Development for Industrial Specialists by BrandSafway.
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Eliminates obsolete components
  • Improves safety with 30-milliamp ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)


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