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Global Supplier Code of Conduct

BrandSafway is committed to maintaining a company culture in which bribery, corruption or any unethical conduct is never acceptable. The Global Supplier Code of Conduct (GSCOC) outlines our expectations for all suppliers and vendors of BrandSafway and its subsidiaries. Generally stated, the GSCOC requires our suppliers to adhere to ethical conduct, honest behavior and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. If you encounter an ethical situation not addressed by the Code of Conduct, please contact your Supply Chain representee. Failure to comply with the GSCOC will jeopardize a supplier’s relationship with BrandSafway including potential termination or cancelation of orders or contracts. 

If you encounter or suspect an unethical situation or conduct, you are encouraged to report the situation or conduct through BrandSafway’s Ethics Hotline.

Translations of our Global Supplier Code of Conduct are available in:

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